OUR FOUNDER - Kenneth Senior

Kenneth Senior was an entrepreneur in the aerospace manufacturing industry. He leaves a vast legacy on Long Island both professionally and personally.

Born April 27, 1943 in Floral Park, NY, he was the son of Edwin and  Dorothy Senior. Ken attended City College to study engineering.  At the  young age of 24, he worked on the U.S. Government’s Lunar Landing  Module program that resulted in the landing of a man on the moon in  1969.  His methods, vision and passion led him to start his own Aerospace Manufacturing Company, Alken Industries, in 1967 at the age of 25.  Ken’s leadership and management skills  brought Alken national recognition. His consistent commitment  to quality allowed his company to flourish into an internationally  recognized precision aerospace manufacturer and defense contractor.  In recognition of his contribution to the Defense industry, he attended  the Inaugural Ball in Washington DC in 1985 and shook the hand of  President Ronald Reagan.

As an employer, Ken touched the lives and hearts of many. He provided opportunity, education and inspired people to  exceed their personal expectations and realize their full potential.  Ken was committed to continuous improvement. Alken Industries  continues to employ many people on Long Island.  It remains a  family run business led by his daughter, Kimberly Senior.

Kenneth Senior Scholarship Fund